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What's New

November 7, 2008

The Jacobs Family History website has moved from its home of more than 15 years at Geocities (www.geocities.com/michaelanneke) to its own website (www.jacobsfamilytree.com ) thanks to my son Joshua Jacobs’ web design skills. The database now contains more than 5,692 individuals and 1,320 families.

  1. Significant progress on the LEAR family and its relationships with the infamous Cock Road Gang of Southern Gloucestershire in 18th and 19th centuries (for more detail refer to the very extensive LEAR website maintained by Wayne Graham at www.leargenes.com.
  2. Access to www.ancestry.com has considerably improved the reliability of much data.
  3. Photographs of several of the KOCK ancestors have been sourced, many from the Library of the Danish Royal Family (Det Kongelige Bibliotek)
June 25, 2006
  1. Added another 2000 names (total 4,950)in all lines of ancestry
  2. Extensive lineage in the van Tiggelen line has been added thanks to the research efforts of other van Tiggelen family members.
  3. The LEAR story continues to unfold. The arrival in Australia of convict Jane BAKER (previously LEAR) with her sons Isaac and Samuel (free persons) in 1820 was uncovered after realising that Jane changed name (probably through the death of her first husband John and her subsequent marriage to ? BAKER).
  4. The ancestry of Jacob Peter Cornelius KOOK/KOCK has been expanded, with possible confirmation of the long held family view that the Kocks originated in Slesvig Holstein.
April 6, 2000
  1. Added another 400+ names, mainly in the LEAR and JACOBS family lines and almost all in Australia
  2. Submitted the complete family history (GEDCOM file) to Rootsweb for publishing on their WorldConnect site
  3. URL for this website submitted to Cyndi's List - one of the most extensive genealogical website indexes on the Web.
March 18, 2000
  1. Over 400 names have been added to the database. Major new contributions include many new JACOBS relations in Australia and a significant number of new LEAR relatives.
  2. All Australians worth their salt have a convict in their past and we are no exception. Until recently our only known convict ancestor was William Lear, convicted in Gloucester Assizes August 31, 1818 and sentenced to 7 years transportation. William arrived in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) on the supply ship "Dromedary" January 28, 1820. Recently we have not only discovered William's parents (John Lear & Jane Fry) in Gloucestershire, England but we also discovered that William had at least two brothers who migrated to Australia: Stephen, also a convict who was convicted of theft in Van Diemen's Land while serving a life sentence and executed on February 26, 1825 and Isaac who appears to have emigrated to Van Diemen's Land as a free settler in the early 1830s. Isaac married Margaret Maitland, also a convict. Jane Lear, the mother of William, Stephen and Isaac also came to Australia, dying in Tasmania in 1842. Hopefully, more of this story will unfold as we discuss and research with our Lear relatives.
  3. * See the Links page for web sites with additional information on LEAR and KELLAWAY families
  4. Progress has been made on the WATTS research, with the discovery of the arrival details of Theresa WATTS. Theresa arrived Port Phillip (Melbourne, Victoria, AUS) on the "Alexander" December 1841 with her mother, Margaret NELSON. An interesting discovery was that John WATTS, husband of Margaret NELSON was listed as a passenger but a note follows this entry in the manifest indicating that John WATTS died in London prior to the ships departure. So, Margaret WATTS and daughter Theresa arrived alone.