Brick Walls

My primary interests are in validating with the best possible source material, the ancestry of certain key family names. In the following notes I have identified my current stumbling blocks in each of those lines. I encourage anyone who is researching the same or similar lines to Contact Me so that we may compare notes and combine our research efforts:

  1. Henry Jacob (c1784 – 1839). The book "Jacobs Ladder"* links Henry Jacob to Isaac and Fanny Jacob (nee Noyce) however there is no supporting evidence for this conclusion. Correspondence with the researcher who carried out the pre 1800 research and who lives on the Isle of Wight indicated that this linkage was at best an educated guess necessitated by the looming publishing deadline back in 1986.
  2. Robert Shields (c1823 - ?) the father of James & Robert John Shields arrived in Australia sometime before December 1849 when he married Scottish immigrant Elizabeth Ellis who herself had only arrived 9 months earlier? The Shields are listed as Church of Scotland so it is presumed that Robert is also of Scottish origin. No records of his arrival nor his place of birth have been found to date.
  3. John Lear (c1776 – 1809) husband of Jane Ward/Luton/Lewton/Brain. Birth, death and marriage place and date are proving elusive and thus we are unable to progress beyond John at this point.

* "Jacob's Ladder" published by the Jacobs Family History Association Inc., April 1986 ISBN 1 86252 161 1, Printed by Gillingham Printers Pty Ltd., Adelaide South Australia.