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My interest in family history was spurred by the publication of "Jacob's Ladder"* in 1986, a family history of my JACOB/S ancestors. This publication was produced for the Jacobs Family Reunion in 1986 in South Australia and coincided with my interest in computers and the internet.

While my research is very broad covering all probable ancestors, my primary focus continues to be the JACOBS, SHIELDS, LEAR and KOCK/KOCH/KOOK (Denmark) on the Jacobs side and the ENDE and van TIGGELEN (Netherlands) family lines on Annekeâ™s side.

The JACOBS family originated on the Isle of Wight, England and the Australian branch was established with the arrival of Isaac and Elizabeth JACOBS (from the Isle of Wight) at Holdfast Bay, South Australia on February 10, 1837 aboard the sailing ship John Renwick. The population of South Australia at the time of their arrival was between 500 and 700 people. They were truly pioneers of South Australia. The SHIELDS probably originated in Scotland, arriving in Australia between 1836 and 1849.

The van TIGGELEN (known as Vantiggelen in Australia) family settled in Australia in 1951 following a rather untimely departure from Indonesia. Both the ENDEs and the van TIGGELENs originated in the south of Holland around the city of Schoonhoven.

In addition to our English, Scottish, Danish and Dutch heritage, we can also claim German and Irish ancestry in the last 200 years.

This website is dedicated to Oliver Michael Jacobs.